Upcoming Events

The Rosami Restaurant is solely open for dinner, however we do have one-off events where our esteemed clients can enjoy the secluded atmosphere of our restaurant as well as indulge in a feast for all the senses. We also host wine pairing events and other annual events that are much awaited by our patrons. Check our upcoming events here.

A favourite among oenophiles, champagne
house Henri Giraud makes impeccable
cuvées that strike a fine balance between
richness and finesse. The boutique champagne house makes just
250,000 bottles from 10 hectares of Grand
Cru vineyards in the region of Ay.

On the night of the 22nd May we will be hosting the delectable Henri Giraud champagnes to an equally delectable array of Michelin starred dishes from the Rosami Kitchen. To view menu and book kindly click on the below.